My name is Kenny and I live in Wiltshire in the southwest of England.

My fascination with pairing wine with good food really started to develop a few years ago when my wife and I began visiting the classic London hotels for lunches or dinners.  Over the years we have been fortunate enough to dine at Claridge’s, the Savoy, and the Goring to name but three.  

It was a lunch at the Ritz on Piccadilly that really piqued my interest. This was a seven-course taster menu, each course paired with a different glass of wine. Think about that for a minute.  Seven glasses of wine for lunch!  We sat down at 1.30pm and lunch ended just after 5.15pm early evening.   Each dish had been carefully crafted and paired with a wine that accentuated the flavors without ever overpowering or cloaking the senses. 

With this blog, I’m not aiming to be a high-end sommelier like you find at the Ritz.  Rather, I want to provide answers to the most everyday questions, what wine pairs best with the foods we eat? 

Whether you are dining at home or hosting a barbecue or dinner party, it’s pleasing to be able to select a wine you KNOW will work with the dishes you are serving up. 

The wines I have chosen are based on my preferences and experiences. I hope you find value in them.  Let me know if you agree or if you have an even better pairing.   

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