Best Wine for Pork Roast

Pork roast is a versatile dish, served either as the main course or as an appetizer. ften considered more of a family dinner than anything else. It’s also excellent for large social occasions in many guises. Who hasn’t been to a hog roast?

When preparing your roast, you’ll need to decide what wines to pair it with. Some wines just won’t work with the pork. So it’s crucial to know how to pick the best wine.

Here are a few of our favorite wines that pair well with pork roast:

Best Old World Wines

Cabernet Franc

Cabernet Franc is a great pairing for Pork roast. The wine has a subtle hint of fruit flavors that brings out the sweetness in the roast, while also complementing its smoky flavor. Pairing wine with pork roast is a delicate balance. You don’t want to overpower the meat with too much flavor, but you also need to find something that enhances its natural sweetness. Cabernet Franc is a great choice for this because it has all of the right flavors without being overpowering.

The smoky notes of this wine pair well with pork roast because they are similar in their earthy, meaty flavors. You can use Cabernet Franc as an accompaniment to any pork dish, but it goes especially well with roasted pork loin or tenderloin.


Gamay and Pork roast is a good pairing. It is a light wine that can stand up to strong meat flavors. It won’t overpower the pork roast, but it will complement its flavor. This is an ideal wine for pork roast because of its fruity, slightly tart flavor. This makes it a great pairing with the sweetness of the pork. It also has enough acidity to cut through the fat and make each bite flavorful.

The wine also has a crisp finish, which pairs well with the crunchy exterior of pork roast. The crispness will help cleanse your palate as you eat, making it easy to enjoy each bite.

Argentinian Malbec

My third choice for pairing with pork roast is Argentinian Malbec. This is an excellent pairing because both the wine and the meat are big, bold, and full-bodied. Malbec has a lot of tannins that can stand up to the fat in pork roast, which helps cut through all that richness.

The wine also has a lot of body and will help to soften the fat in the pork roast. If you can find an Argentinian Malbec, aged in oak barrels, even better. The oak will add some sweetness to balance out all that fat, but not so much that it overpowers everything else on your plate.

The best wines for pork roast are bold, full-bodied, and not too sweet. Malbec is one of the best wines for pork roast because it is bold and full-bodied, but not too sweet.

Best New World Wines

Pinot Noir

Pork roast paired with pinot noir is a match made in heaven. Roasted pork is a versatile cut of meat that can be prepared in a variety of ways, with each recipe yielding its own unique flavor profile. With the help of wine pairings, you can take your pork roast to the next level with simple additions to your recipe and some easy-to-find wine options.

Pork and pinot noir is a classic pairing that has been around for years. While you may not be familiar with this combination, it’s definitely one worth exploring. Pinot noir is known for its deep cherry flavor profile, which pairs well with the natural sweetness found in the pork roast.

The wine’s acidity also helps to cut through some of the fat and richness in pork roast, making it a perfect pairing. Pinot noir is an easy-to-find option for this meal, as it can be found at most liquor stores and even supermarkets.


Shiraz (Syrah) can also work very well with Pork roast. The two complement each other, and the wine will help to enhance the taste of pork. Shiraz wines are typically bolder and more full-bodied than Cabernet Sauvignon, so they will stand up well against the richness of pork roast.

For this dish, you’ll want to pair a Shiraz with spice and floral notes. The wine should have some acidity to it, but not so much that it will clash with the fat in the pork. You’ll also want to avoid wines that are too tannic, as they will overpower and dry out your mouth.

The most popular Shiraz wines come from Australia, where they are known as Shiraz. In Chile, they’re called Syrah or “Shiraz” with a different spelling. You can also find it in France under the name Cinsault or Grenache when blended with these grapes.


My final recommendation for pairing with Pork roast is Grenache. It will help cut through the fat in the pork, while also bringing out some of the red wine flavors that you might have missed in a lighter wine. Grenache will also bring out some of the savory flavors in the pork roast, making it a perfect pairing.

The best Grenache wines to pair with pork roast are from Australia, France, and California. Try a Shiraz from Australia or a Grenache/Syrah blend from California. For an inexpensive option, look for French varietal Grenache for under $10 per bottle.


I have recommended six wines above that will provide an excellent pairing with Pork roast. There are some must-have characteristics you need in your choice of wine. Namely, enough acidity to deal with the fatty nature of Pork without overpowering the sweet, smoky flavors that make the dish so special.

If a very simple pairing is desired, then a fruity Pinot noir would even be an acceptable choice. If you wanted to go with a bolder red, my recommendation is Malbec. It is full in body, silky smooth on the palate, and has just the right amount of sweetness to work in balance with the pork roast.

If you are looking for a good recipe for Pork roast, check out this one from the New York Times.

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